Going Places: A Conversation with Kamree Price

By Amanda Wowk

January 04, 2023

Going Places is a new series from TripIt that highlights frequent travelers to showcase their unique travel styles and insider tips.

As an art history professor, mom, and stepmom, Kamree Price knows the value of an education. But as the founder and creator of Our Family Passport, she also believes in the power of traveling—especially as a family. 

“School is, of course, incredibly important, but so is seeing the world,” Kamree said. “Those experiences are also an education. Traveling shows us how similar we are; that we’re all global citizens.” 

Kamree’s love for travel started at a young age. But learning to travel on a budget happened after her divorce. Kamree wanted to continue to travel with her young son, but she needed to shift tactics. That’s when she discovered the power of credit card points and airline miles—and started sharing her learnings with others. 

“I started Our Family Passport to help families find, book, and plan expensive travel for less. I love finding great travel deals, and sharing my expertise with points and miles,” she said. “I want to help as many parents as possible to plan trips with their families. And to do it for less.” 

Travel planning with TripIt is a family affair 

Together, Kamree and her husband have a blended family—raising four children ranging in ages from one to 10 years old. And given the nature of their busy family life, they often need to plan trips far in advance in order to align schedules. 

“I’m often planning six months, nine months, sometimes a year in advance,” she said. “And that’s where TripIt comes in. It helps me keep track of those way advanced plans.” 

“Thanks to TripIt, I’m not digging around for our December trip to Egypt that I booked back in January. It saves me from the stress of wondering, ‘Where is that reservation number?’ Or, ‘Are we all on the same booking?’ With TripIt, everything is in one place—and I can quickly check the app for the details I need.”

Kamree credits her husband for introducing her to TripIt. “My husband is a frequent business traveler. When we met, he took one look at how I planned and organized trips and said, ‘You’re doing this the wrong way.’ That’s when he showed me TripIt.” 

And the rest is history. “Now I plan all of our family travel, and I keep those plans in my TripIt; my husband keeps his business travel plans in his TripIt. And thanks to Inner Circle, we can share our travel plans and schedules right in the app.” 

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From solo to couple’s to family trips, it’s experiences over things

Planning, organizing, and sharing trips—check! So, what’s on the horizon for Kamree and her family?

“I’m already planning our Christmas 2023 trip to Costa Rica,” she told me. “I can’t wait to have our entire family there together. Hot take: I hate presents. But I love experiences—so our trip will be our gift to each other and our kids.” 

Another hot take she shared: “You know the whole Instagram versus reality thing? I actually love it! I love crowds. I love to see so many people out exploring the world—especially after the pandemic.” 

Planning ahead. Experiences over things. Embracing the busyness of a destination. What else dictates Kamree’s travel style? 

“I’ve been to almost 50 countries—and I’ve realized there’s no one best way to travel. I often travel solo for work, and when I do, I relish the opportunity to visit an art museum on my own. But likewise, couple’s trips with my husband are so important. At least once per year we travel somewhere just the two of us. Next year, we’re going to Hawaii.” 

And her favorite way to travel? “With my family, of course! When I was young, I traveled a lot with my parents and siblings—and we still do! Travel is one of the best ways to stay connected and continue to make memories with my family.” 

Kamree’s dream trip would be taking all the generations of her family on an African safari. “I want all of us to be immersed in the natural beauty of Africa; to wake up hearing and seeing the animals,” she said. “It will be educational, yes, but it will also be magical.” 

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