How to Save Money on Travel With TripIt

By TripIt

January 11, 2023

In today’s economy, travel-related costs can add up quickly. Planning a trip often means budgeting for high gas prices, fluctuating hotel and flight rates, inflation, and extra security measures, like travel insurance. 

In a recent TripIt survey, one-third of Americans said cost is a major concern when planning a trip. More than half (57%) of Americans said inflation has impacted their travel plans in the year ahead. Inflation (52%) is also the primary driver for those travelers who say they’ll spend more on travel in the year ahead. 

In addition to inflation, travelers also attributed rising airfare (49%) and gas prices (29%) to the reasons why they’re spending more on travel these days.

That’s why TripIt—your travel companion—is here to help you find cost savings along the way and make informed decisions about your travel-related purchases. Check out these seven money-saving features from TripIt. 

1. Fare Tracker

Cha-ching! Nothing like the sound of money back in your pocket. With Fare Tracker, TripIt Pro monitors your itinerary for ongoing changes in your flight price. If your airfare price drops after you book, we’ll send you an alert. You'll be notified if a potential airline credit or refund is available to get money back on your flight. 

With Fare Tracker, your TripIt Pro membership might pay for itself! 


2. CLEAR partnership

Thanks to TripIt’s partnership with CLEAR, you get the advantage of speeding past airport security lines. A CLEAR membership typically runs at $189 per year. However, with TripIt Pro, you can try CLEAR with a four-month free trial and receive a discounted annual rate of $149 (saving you $40 a year). Don’t miss out—this might be the deepest discount of CLEAR on the market!  

DYK? Taking advantage of the free trial alone already exceeds the value of your Pro purchase. Here’s the math: Four months of CLEAR comes out to $63, meanwhile TripIt Pro costs just $49 per year. It’s a win-win. 

3. AirHelp partnership 

If you experience a flight disruption while on a trip to, from, or within Europe (EU) or Brazil, TripIt will email you if your flight is likely eligible for compensation and will help you file a claim through AirHelp

Once your claim is filed, AirHelp does the rest of the hard work for you, including the paperwork and communication with the airlines—helping you claim compensation for your inconvenience. 

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4. Point Tracker

Maximize your rewards with Point Tracker, and keep track of your reward program points and miles in one spot. 

Whether for airlines, car rentals, hotels, dining, credit cards, or more (150+ programs!), TripIt Pro stores all your account numbers, balances, and expirations in one place. It’s easy to monitor all your expiration dates so you can take advantage of your points and miles before they expire. 

Plus, TripIt Pro will alert you via push notification when it looks like your points are about to expire. Booking trips with points is one of the best ways to save money while traveling—it can make you feel like you scored a free vacation! 

Points-and-miles expert Julia Menez uses Point Tracker and TripIt Pro to monitor her loyalty status. Find out how > 

5. International Travel Tools

It can be hard to keep track of different cultural customs and norms when you’re traveling abroad. TripIt Pro’s International Travel Tools provides country-specific information, including currency exchange rates, so you can make smart purchase decisions at the ATM and when choosing your payment methods. 

You can also see tipping guidelines by the type of service, so you can tip responsibly without overpaying. With TripIt Pro, you’re always in the know—especially in new places. 

6. Nearby Places

TripIt’s Nearby Places makes it easy to find places close to where you’re staying. You can also use the tool to make informed spending decisions. 

For example, if you’re looking for a bite to eat near your hotel, tap the Restaurants option. You’ll see useful information about the hours, reviews, as well as dollar signs to indicate price level.  

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7. Navigator

Use TripIt’s Navigator feature to search transportation options available to you. It will show you the estimated costs and travel times for each option, so you can decide which works best for your schedule—and your wallet. 

Plus, when you use TripIt to help you save money, you won’t have to cut back as much on your other interests and experiences. Saving money on travel can give you more freedom to spend where you need, whether that's on this trip or your next one. It can also help you save money to spend on experiences during your trip, souvenirs, a once-in-a-lifetime meal, and so much more.

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