Woman saving money in an airport
Woman saving money in an airport

TripIt: The travel app that saves you money

Travel isn't cheap. TripIt is here to help you find cost savings along the way, and to make informed decisions on your travel purchases.

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Money back in your pocket

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Fare Tracker (TripIt Pro)​

TripIt Pro monitors your itinerary for ongoing changes in your flight price​

You’ll be notified if a potential airline credit or refund is available​

With Fare Tracker, you TripIt Pro membership might pay for itself!​

Try Fare Tracker free for 30 days!
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You may be eligible for compensation

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Alerts you if you’re eligible for compensation for a flight delay or disruption​

Works for trips to Europe (EU) or Brazil​

Once a claim is filed, AirHelp handles the paperwork for you​

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CLEAR and TripIt: Better together

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CLEAR Partnership (TripIt Pro)

Speed through security lines with a 2-month free trial of CLEAR Plus​

Your CLEAR savings will exceed the cost of TripIt Pro!

Try TripIt Pro free for 30 days! Sign up for a trial of TripIt Pro​

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Maximize your travel rewards

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Point Tracker (TripIt Pro)

Keep track of your reward program points, miles, and expirations in one spot​

Includes airlines, car rentals, hotels, dining, credit cards, and more​

Get alerts when your points are about to expire so you don’t miss out​

Try TripIt Pro free for 30 days! Sign up for a trial of TripIt Pro​

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Make informed decisions on your travel purchases

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International Travel Tools (TripIt Pro)

Gives country-specific travel info like currency exchange rates and tipping rules

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Shows you transportation options with estimated costs and travel times

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Nearby Places

Find places near your hotel with useful info like hours, rating, and cost

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