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cross-country skiing
Travel Tips

6 Destinations in the U.S. for Cross-Country Skiing

By On January 27, 2022

While alpine (or downhill) skiing may be the golden child of winter, cold-weather enthusiasts know it’s not the only game in town. Cross-country skiing, also called Nordic skiing, is another great option… Read More

flying during the winter
Travel Tips

Flying During the Winter: 4 Ways to Prepare

By On January 25, 2022

Whether you’re a ski bum, snowbird, off-season adventurer, or all-season road warrior, your travel plans have you flying during the winter. And while you may love a wintertime trip (raises hand), flying… Read More

winter road trip
Travel Tips

6 Tips for Planning a Winter Road Trip

By On February 24, 2021

Dreaming of a socially distanced getaway, but chillier temps dampening your vagabond spirit? While a winter road trip requires more planning and preparation, a successful trip can be a welcome boost during… Read More

winter staycation
Travel Tips

How to Plan a Winter Staycation

By On December 22, 2020

This year, we’ve all mastered the art of being flexible: working from anywhere; attending birthday celebrations, baby showers—and everything in between—via Zoom; and even camping in our own backyards. Now, winter is… Read More

stuck at the airport
Travel Tips

Stuck at the Airport on the Holidays? Here’s How to Cope

By On November 24, 2020

Getting stuck at the airport is always annoying, but it’s especially so when traveling during the holidays. At first, nothing feels worse than spending Christmas in JFK or New Year’s Eve in… Read More

cities that embrace winter
Travel Tips

8 Cities That Embrace Winter

By On November 5, 2020

Winter is coming. And if you’re not one to hunker down for the chilly months—or ever, for that matter—these eight cities that embrace winter should be on your wanderlist. From winter sports… Read More

winter weather delays
Travel Tips

6 Tips for Traveling During the Winter

By On February 5, 2019

Ample heat. Remote work. TripIt Pro. In the midst of last week’s polar vortex conditions, I named these things as what I was most thankful for. At the start of the week,… Read More