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Don’t Scroll, Search: New Tool Added for Locating Trip Details in TripIt for iOS

By TripIt on September 21, 2021

Picture this: You’re planning a trip to London. You’ve been before (albeit eight years ago) and you want to book a stay at the hotel you loved near Hyde Park.  But… What. Was. That.... Read More

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5 Easy Ways to Share Your Travel Plans with TripIt

By TripIt on April 29, 2020

The TripIt team is always looking for ways to make travel less stressful. We know the importance of staying connected to friends, family, and colleagues while you’re traveling, so we’ve... Read More

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How One Traveler's Path to Citizenship Ran Through TripIt

By Amanda Wowk on February 04, 2020

If someone were to ask you about your travels over the last five years, you could definitely recall the details of your most recent trip. You’d likely also reminisce about your favorite one... Read More

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San Francisco Day Trips

By TripIt on September 15, 2015

San Francisco dwellers are sometimes prone to thinking that there isn’t a world beyond the 7x7. It’s high time we busted that myth. But since we know that separation anxiety may set in if... Read More