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Going Places: A Conversation with Lauren Richardson

By Amanda Wowk on June 28, 2022

Going Places is a new series from TripIt that highlights frequent travelers to showcase their unique travel styles and insider tips.  For Lauren Richardson, travel blogger at Lauren’s... Read More

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Set Your Personal Risk Level with TripIt Neighborhood Safety Scores

By TripIt on October 27, 2020

We know everyone has a different comfort level when they travel. Some travelers head out solo, while others prefer the company of a tour group. To help you make the best decisions for you... Read More

Travel Tips

10 Safety Tips for the Solo Traveler

By Amanda Wowk on May 20, 2019

For many travelers, a solo trip isn’t about checking the box on a travel trend. For leisure travelers, it can be a preference—solo travel grants a freedom to explore and the ability to give... Read More

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How to Maximize Your Solo Time on a Business Trip

By TripIt on February 26, 2019

Business travel comes with its ups and downs. The perks like traveling to new destinations, expense accounts, earning miles and accumulating experiences are all exciting. But the downside... Read More

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5 Reasons Female Solo Travel is Awesome

By TripIt on August 04, 2015

Many women are intimidated by the idea of female solo travel. There is a perception that traveling alone can be uncomfortable, lonely or maybe even dangerous. There are a lot of fears... Read More

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7 Ways to Be a Confident Solo Traveler

By TripIt on February 09, 2015

Most people are intimidated by solo travel, which is unfortunate because taking a vacation alone can be meaningful, empowering, and yes, fun! Everyone should take at least one crack at solo... Read More