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Summer Vacation Forecast: Air Travel Confidence Building, but Road Trips Still Reign

By TripIt on March 16, 2021

After a year at home, nearly all U.S. travelers plan to take a trip in 2021. Yes, you read that correctly. In a survey of more than 3,200 TripIt users based in the U.S., 94 percent of... Read More

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6 Tips for Planning a Winter Road Trip

By Amanda Wowk on February 23, 2021

Dreaming of a socially distanced getaway, but chillier temps dampening your vagabond spirit? While a winter road trip requires more planning and preparation, a successful trip can be a... Read More

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How to Plan (and Take) Your Bucket List Road Trip

By TripIt on January 13, 2021

The definition of the “perfect” road trip will be as unique as the person taking it. However, what is true for any road trip is that a little advance preparation goes a long way toward... Read More

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A Beginner’s Guide: How to Take a Screencation

By Amanda Wowk on August 18, 2020

Screens. Whether you love them or hate them, we, as a society, can’t seem to live without them. On the one hand, screens keep us entertained, informed, and connected—the latter a serious... Read More

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How to Maximize Your Points and Miles on a Road Trip

By TripIt on August 12, 2020

By Johnny Jet – For the past 20 years, Johnny Jet averaged 150,000 miles and 20 countries a year. He has been featured in many major publications and appeared on ABC, CBS, CNBC, CNN, FOX,... Read More

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9 Tips for a Sustainable Road Trip

By Amanda Wowk on July 15, 2020

America’s Route 66. Iceland’s Ring Road. Scotland’s North Coast 500. Australia’s Great Ocean Road. With so many iconic routes, a road trip might be just the vacation to balance your craving... Read More

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10 Under-the-Radar National Parks Reopening This Summer

By Amanda Wowk on June 09, 2020

Road trips. Camping adventures. National parks reopening. A once-cloudy summer travel forecast is starting to brighten.... Read More

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I Went on a Cross-Country Road Trip During a Pandemic. Here’s How.

By TripIt on May 26, 2020

While most of the world was quarantined waiting out shelter-in-place orders, my family and I were unexpectedly left with no other choice but to travel. After living in the San Francisco Bay... Read More


Car Trip Planner

By TripIt on January 13, 2016

Planning a car trip can be as easy as starting the ignition in your vehicle when you have TripIt, an easy-to-use route planner. TripIt takes all the guesswork out of finding the best route... Read More


California Road Trip Itinerary

By TripIt on January 08, 2016

California holds hundreds of miles of sun-drenched coastline and a plethora of exciting driving routes for road-trippers. You can plan a drive through Northern California wine country or a... Read More