Travel Tips

4 Easy Ways to Pack Like a Minimalist

By Amanda Wowk on October 20, 2021

What many packing guides leave out is the fundamental advice to pack with intention. That is, pack based on what you’ll need for the specific trip you’re taking—and ignore those just-in-... Read More

Travel Tips

How to Pack a Week's Worth of Clothing in Your Carry-On

By TripIt on October 06, 2020

While airlines have been dramatically improving their change fee policies, travelers are still waiting for the eradication of another type of fee—the checked bag fee. Avoiding this extra... Read More

Travel Tips

5 Tips for Packing Toiletries

By TripIt on September 02, 2020

If you’ve ever experienced the horror of opening up a suitcase to discover that your shampoo has leaked all over your clothing (or worse, your laptop), then you know how important it is to... Read More

Travel Tips

6 Packing Tips for Rainy Destinations

By TripIt on August 24, 2020

It might seem counterintuitive, but there are real benefits to traveling somewhere during the rainy season. Because the rainy season tends to be the “off” season for tourism, you’ll... Read More

Travel Tips

How to Make Business Travel More Luxurious

By Angela Marie Feher on July 15, 2019

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, the process of getting to your destination can be a stressful and uncomfortable experience—especially in economy.... Read More

Travel Tips

How to Pack a Suit When Traveling

By TripIt on November 18, 2018

Business meetings, weddings, funerals—there are many reasons to travel with a suit. No matter the cause of your trip, you want to arrive looking your best. So how do you accomplish this... Read More

Travel Tips

How to Pack the Perfect Carry-on for Business Travel

By Amanda Wowk on October 28, 2018

Jetting from place to place on business has its undeniable perks. Collecting airline miles, dining in delectable restaurants, perfecting your carry-on packing game—what’s that, you say? You... Read More