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Travel Hacks for a Better Trip

By TripIt on August 20, 2015

Although you may not realize it, there’s a subset of travelers in the world that we refer to as travel hackers. These are well-traveled pros who know the ins and outs of getting more from a... Read More

Travel Tips

Tips for Traveling With Golf Clubs

By TripIt on August 06, 2015

Traveling with golf clubs is very serious business. You’ve spent several thousand dollars on those new fancy irons and top of the line woods; you’ve added in another several hundred or more... Read More

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Women's Travel: Tips For Traveling With Beauty Products

By TripIt on April 01, 2015

I used to be an over-packer, now I try to travel carry-on only whenever possible. Does that mean leaving my facial creams, makeup and moisturizers at home? Not at all! In this post I'll... Read More

Travel Tips

5 Ways to Help You Pack Light When You Travel

By TripIt on October 16, 2014

Sometimes packing for a trip can be more stressful than actually traveling. There's the back and forth decisions on what you need, what you want to bring, and how to organize it all. ... Read More

Travel Tips

The Best Luggage for Business Travelers

By TripIt on August 15, 2014

Here at TripIt we’re all about creating the perfect trip. And being the big-time business traveler that you are, we have a feeling you’re just as passionate about making sure your trips go... Read More

Travel Tips

5 Ways to Save Yourself From #CarryonShame

By TripIt on August 12, 2014

If you’re a frequent flier who's active on social media, chances are you’ve heard about the #CarryonShame campaign. If you’re a traveler living in blissful ignorance about carry-on rules... Read More

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Packing Advice from the Experts at Hartmann

By TripIt on August 06, 2012

By Hartmann Luggage Traveling well means packing well. No one understands this more than Hartmann, luggage maker extraordinaire for over 135 years. No matter where you’re headed and when... Read More