Updated: What You Need to Know About the TripIt Pro Hub

By Amanda Wowk

March 12, 2020

Ready to find out how the TripIt Pro hub design can help you plan your travels and navigate your trips with ease? To start, both iOS and Android TripIt Pro users can find the app’s Pro features in the Pro hub by tapping the star at the bottom of your screen (as seen below).

TripIt Pro

TripIt Pro

Let’s take a closer look at each section.

Planning and Research

For some travelers, researching a trip is half the fun. When traveling to a foreign country, you might need to sort out details like: What’s the local currency? Will I need an adapter for sockets and plugs? What is the appropriate amount to tip in a restaurant or to a taxi driver? That’s where International Travel Tools come in—all of the answers to these questions (and more!) are available in the travel tools feature, helping you to know ahead of your trip how much local currency you’ll need to tip the driver picking you up from the airport.

Also available in the Pro hub are the tools you need to navigate the airport. With Airport Security Wait Time and Interactive Airport Maps, you’ll know ahead of arriving at the airport which security line is fastest and where to find the nearest restaurant to grab a bite before your flight.

And, when the unexpected happens—like your flight gets delayed or you need to change your flight to get home sooner—the Alternate Flights feature can help you figure out what your options are for getting on a different flight.

Savvy business travelers and leisure travelers alike know the benefits of joining frequent flyer programs. But when you’re loyal to a number of airlines, hotels and credit cards, keeping track of your points can get a little tricky. Thankfully, as a TripIt Pro member, you have access to Point Tracker. This feature keeps track of all of your loyalty programs and points so that you don’t have to. Simply add your loyalty program accounts to Point Tracker and the feature will handle the rest.

Traveling solo? Does your spouse need to know when to pick you up from the airport? Do you want your co-founder to be in the know about your business travel plans? TripIt Pro’s Inner Circle feature allows you to share your travel plans with anyone you’d like. And, the ability to add to or edit your Inner Circle can be done right from the Pro hub.

Notifications and Alerts

Keeping travelers in the know before they go is TripIt’s claim to fame. But what does that look like exactly? For starters, TripIt Pro members can receive alerts about changes to fare prices and updates on preferred seat availability right in the Pro hub. Fare Tracker allows members to track flight prices, and when TripIt finds a flight that may be eligible for a refund, travelers receive an alert right in their app. Likewise, travelers can use Seat Tracker to locate a better seat on an upcoming flight. Never again will you be stuck in the middle seat while a coveted window seat goes unclaimed.

Need to know when to leave for the airport? Who doesn’t? Go Now takes the guesswork out of how much time you need to get to the airport. Couple that with Terminal and Gate Reminders and you’ll easily arrive on time and at the right gate—all without having to consult airport monitors.

Speaking of airport monitors, let’s discuss TripIt’s most acclaimed feature: Flight Alerts. Every TripIt Pro member knows that when an upcoming flight gets delayed, Flight Alerts is there to notify them immediately—and often before the airline does.

Partner Perks

You know those security wait times we talked about earlier? Thanks to TripIt’s partnership with CLEAR, TripIt Pro members have the added advantage of skipping airport security lines. CLEAR membership typically runs $179 per year. However, with your Pro membership, you can try CLEAR on a four month free trial and receive a discounted annual rate of $149. You can sign up online and then complete your application at an airport kiosk in just a matter of minutes. Or, if you’re flying out of one of CLEAR’s 25+ airports, you can sign up for the service on-site.

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