New TripIt Update: Your Carbon Footprint—at Your Fingertips

By TripIt

January 21, 2020

Frequent travelers who want to better understand—and act upon—the carbon footprint of their flights now have a new tool in their toolkit.

TripIt now shows the carbon emissions for your air travel and provides practical ideas on how to reduce or offset its environmental impact.

Our goal is to help you better understand the environmental impact of all of your flights. That’s why we made it easy for you to see, track, and offset your carbon footprint.

TripIt is the first travel organizing app to automatically aggregate flight emissions across providers, post-booking, giving you a holistic view of your air travel footprint. The feature will be available to all TripIt users—both free and Pro.

Carbon Footprint per flight

Carbon Footprint per flight

How does it work? 

TripIt now shows you the carbon emissions for your flights, tracks your annual flight emissions, and gives you ways to offset that environmental impact—right alongside all your travel plans. With our new Carbon Footprint feature, you can: 

  • See your flight’s carbon emissions 
  • Track your annual carbon footprint for air travel 
  • Offset and reduceyour environmental impact, with practical suggestions right in the app  

How is it calculated?

TripIt calculates your carbon footprint using the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, the same methodology used by American and European government agencies. We take into account factors like distance, flight class, and environmental elements.

lifetime carbon footprint for flights

Lifetime Carbon Footprint

Where can I find it?

To view the carbon emissions for an individual flight, visit the flight’s detail screen and you’ll see the Carbon Footprint section. You can tap on it for more info and for ideas on how to reduce or offset your flight’s footprint.

To view the cumulative carbon emissions for all your flights in a certain year, check out your Travel Stats in the More tab. From there, tap on Carbon Footprint for more info and ideas on how to reduce or offset your footprint.