wellness travel
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3 Wellness Travel Ideas to Help You Recharge

By On March 21, 2016

Life can get pretty overwhelming at times. If you’re feeling super stressed and burnt out, it may be time to take a step back. Taking the time out to refresh and reset… Read More

Holiday travel delays
Travel Tips

How To Survive Holiday Travel Delays

By On November 12, 2015

Everyone loves spending time with their loved ones during the holidays, but the actual travel to get there can be a real pain. Long lines, bad weather and poor organization can lead… Read More

attending a conference
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How to be Productive While Attending a Conference

By On October 30, 2015

Attending a conference can be a great adventure in addition to a fantastic opportunity for personal and professional development. Yet, time spent at a conference can also set you back at work as… Read More

female solo travel
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5 Reasons Female Solo Travel is Awesome

By On August 4, 2015

Many women are intimidated by the idea of female solo travel. There is a perception that traveling alone can be uncomfortable, lonely or maybe even dangerous. There are a lot of fears… Read More

harassment abroad
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How to Deal With Street Harassment When Traveling

By On July 28, 2015

It’s not always easy to travel alone as a woman, but solo travel can be the most rewarding and fun experience you’ll ever have. Unfortunately, chances are that if you’re a female… Read More

summer in europe
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How to Survive Summer in Europe

By On July 23, 2015

While visiting Europe is always an amazing experience, summer in Europe can mean huge crowds, high prices and sweltering temperatures. This is unfortunate because for many people summer is the only convenient… Read More

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The Ultimate Backpacking Packing List

By On June 3, 2015

Packing for a long backpacking trip can be incredibly frustrating. With such limited space, yet so many situations to account for, how do you manage to bring only what you need and… Read More

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Best Hostels in Europe

By On May 8, 2015

Hostels are a staple for the budget traveler; especially, in Europe where travel prices are high. Luckily for intrepid travelers, hostels are no longer just a place to park your luggage and… Read More

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5 Ways Millennials Can Travel for Free

By On March 24, 2015

Sometimes it seems like the deck is stacked against our generation when it comes to travel. Millennials are typically strapped for cash, low on vacation days and generally unable to take long… Read More