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Fall 2020 Travel Trends

By On September 29, 2020

As our atypical year extends into its third season, autumn, we wondered how travel would reflect this new normal: Would large cities — usually a big draw during Q3 — regain any… Read More

quarantine activities for kids
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The Best Quarantine Activities for Travel-Loving Kids

By On September 1, 2020

Help kids explore the world from home with these activities, games and books, mom-tested and vetted by our travel trends expert, Kelly Soderlund. My kids love traveling. I like to think it’s… Read More

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TripIt 2019 Travel Trends

By On December 31, 2019

It’s that time of year again, when intrepid TripIt travelers take stock of their year in travel—and then take to social media to share their travel stats with the world. This year,… Read More

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TripIt Presents: 3rd Annual Happy Travelers Report

By On December 17, 2019

High-Flying Expectations Do preconceived expectations affect flyer happiness? Whether for business or leisure, all travel is personal. Especially when it comes to flying. Some like to board early, others late; some like… Read More

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The Best Cocktails You Can Make on a Plane

By On December 11, 2015

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10 Excellent Motorcycle Trip Planning Websites

By On April 28, 2015

Looking to hop on the hog and set out for a long ride? Before you go, you’ll want to do your research, pick the most ideal route, and discover the best stops… Read More