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Group Travel Calendar and Map
See when and where people at your company are traveling.
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TripIt has more than 30,000 groups! To find or create a group, sign up for a free TripIt account or sign in now.

Why use groups?

Groups make it easier to coordinate business travel across the whole company.

Sync schedules, share resources, find out who's in and out. Heading to Chicago next week? Find out who's nearby with a shared calendar and map.

To get even more out of your group, upgrade to TripIt for Teams.

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How much does it cost?

You can create one company group free.

Want multiple groups — or maybe a custom group just for managers? Need to share detailed itineraries or track expenses? Are you managing travel for others?

Upgrade to TripIt for Teams and take control over your company's travel.

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What about my privacy?

You must have a valid company email address to join a company's group, and group members can see only the travel dates and locations of other company employees.

If you don't want to share a trip with your colleagues, just make it private.

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