Integrate TripIt with your website or app.

A sample itinerary accessible with the API.

Add travel information to a TripIt account

Instantly generate clean, professional looking itineraries accessible on TripIt's website, mobile apps, and many third party productivity applications that use the TripIt API.

A screenshot of an API response.

Import travel information from a TripIt account

Seamless email import technology makes it simple for your customers to add travel plans to your application.

A screenshot of an example Add-to-TripIt button

Include an "Add to TripIt" button on your booking confirmation page

A quick and easy way for travelers to add their booking confirmations from your site to their TripIt account.

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About the TripIt API

  • TripIt is an open platform for integration and organization of travel information from many different sources.
  • The TripIt API allows third parties to easily interface with this platform.

Example Uses of the TripIt API

  • Providing an "Add to TripIt" link on a travel booking confirmation page
  • Sending TripIt flight arrival details to schedule airport pick-ups
  • Populating a flight-tracking or trip planning application with a TripIt traveler’s upcoming flights

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