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Travel Cameras That Will Fit In Your Pocket

By On August 27, 2015

As a full-time traveler and full-time travel photographer, I hear two things all the time: “What kind of camera do you use?” and “I could take better pictures, too, if I had… Read More

Travel Tips

Budget Travel Tips for Boomers

By On June 8, 2015

You don’t let your age slow you down, so you definitely won’t let budget prevent you from traveling either. If you make travel a priority, you can make it a reality. Even… Read More

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3 Trips Perfect for Adventure Travel for Boomers

By On May 18, 2015

The dictionary definition of adventure includes the words danger, risk, unknown, discovery, unusual and exciting. When it comes to “adventure travel,” I prefer to leave off most of the danger and risk,… Read More

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Extraordinary Travel (Formerly Known as Luxury Travel for Boomers)

By On May 6, 2015

True luxury travel for boomers is not about fully reclining bed seats in first class, or about the thread count of the sheets on your hotel bed. To the travelers in the… Read More