meet our interns
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Meet Our Interns: Class of 2015

By On June 30, 2015

Just over a year ago I moved down to San Francisco and started my summer internship here at TripIt. Since then, I’ve learned loads about tech and travel, come on as a… Read More

adventure travel

Adventure Travel Experiences Around the World

By On June 25, 2015

We each have our own unique way of traveling. For some, that may mean a week on a beach—any beach—and for others it’s touring some of the great cities of the world.… Read More

point tracker
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TripIt Welcomes Back United® Point Tracking

By On June 24, 2015

We’re excited to let you know we can automatically track United MileagePlus® miles in TripIt Pro for you once again. You no longer need to forward your United points statements to… Read More

learn from solo travel
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10 Things You Learn From Solo Travel

By On June 22, 2015

When it comes to solo travel, it often seems like people fall into two camps: either they love it or find it terrifying. Of course, in reality, nothing is ever black and… Read More

Traveling with your children
Travel Tips

The Importance of Traveling With Your Children

By On June 8, 2015

Getting kids away from their screens and outside is a constant battle for parents, but an important one that we must all continue to fight. Taking kids outside of their neighborhood and… Read More

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Budget Travel Tips for Boomers

By On June 8, 2015

You don’t let your age slow you down, so you definitely won’t let budget prevent you from traveling either. If you make travel a priority, you can make it a reality. Even… Read More

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iPhone Photography Tips for Travelers

By On June 4, 2015

Capturing photos to have as lifelong memories of your travels is crucial. And, although it seems like just about everyone owns a DSLR these days, they’re not always ideal for traveling. They’re… Read More

Travel Tips

The Ultimate Backpacking Packing List

By On June 3, 2015

Packing for a long backpacking trip can be incredibly frustrating. With such limited space, yet so many situations to account for, how do you manage to bring only what you need and… Read More

Travel Tips

Unique Bachelor Party Destinations and Ideas

By On May 22, 2015

One of the advantages of having traveled to every country in the world is that you have some insider knowledge that not everyone does. As a young 30-something, I have some unique… Read More