While you're still making plans...

TripIt Pro kicks into gear as soon as you book, helping you get there more comfortably and earn something along the way.

  • Seat Tracker

    Lets you know if a better seat becomes available

  • Fare Tracker

    Notifies you if your airfare price drops after you book

  • Check-in Reminder

    Gives you a heads up 24 hours before your flight

  • Point Tracker

    Keeps track of your reward programs for you

  • Inner Circle

    Automatically shares your travel plans with a select group of family, friends or colleagues

  • International Travel Tools

    Provides country-specific travel information

  • Documents

    Add items like photos, QR codes or PDFs to your travel plans

Before you’re out
the door...

TripIt Pro will remind you when to leave, and tells you how long it should take, all the way to your gate. If your plans change, we'll show you other options.

  • Flight Status

    Sends you real-time flight alerts throughout your trip

  • Alternate Flights

    Helps you find additional flight options when you need them

  • Go Now

    Tells you when you should leave for the airport

  • Partner Perk

    Speed through security lines with a discounted CLEAR membership

While you're on the move...

TripIt Pro will escort you directly to your gate, connection, or bags with walking directions. Plus, we'll help you find amenities along the way.

  • Interactive Maps

    Provides searchable airport maps and walking directions

  • Terminal and Gate Reminder

    Sends you updated departure terminal and gate info

  • Connecting Flights

    Tells you how to find your connecting gate

  • Baggage Claim Info

    Sends you the baggage claim location when you land

Illustration showing a cityscape.