Your travel information at your fingertips, right when you need it

Whether it's a business trip, a family vacation or a quick weekend away, TripIt will organize your information in seconds. Simply forward your confirmation emails to and TripIt will take it from there.

  • Mobile Itinerary

    Plans are accessible across devices

  • Inbox Sync

    Adds plans from your inbox for you

  • COVID-19 Travel Guidance

    Find the latest guidelines, restrictions, and requirements for your destinations

  • Carbon Footprint

    Tracks and shows offset options for your flight’s carbon emissions

  • Travel Stats

    Tallies and displays your travel stats.

  • Documents

    Add items like photos, QR codes or PDFs to your travel plans

Get where you need to be, confidently

TripIt creates a schedule showing you where to be and when. While on your trip, we'll help you find your way around.

  • Navigator

    Shows you options to get from one point to another

  • Airport Maps

    Provides maps of airports and terminals to help you get around

  • Nearby Places

    Makes it easy to find places close to where you’re staying

  • Neighborhood Safety

    Shows safety scores for the neighborhoods you're visiting

Send plans to your calendar or anyone you choose

TripIt makes it easy to coordinate with colleagues or simply let your family know where you are. You can also sync your plans with your calendar—no copy and pasting necessary.

  • Sharing

    Sends plans to those who need to know through text, email or apps

  • Calendar Sync

    Updates your calendar with your travel plans

Additional TripIt features

  • Traveler Profile
    Traveler Profile

    Keeps important travel information organized in one place

  • Flight Ratings
    Flight Ratings

    Allows you to help shape future in-flight experiences

  • AirHelp Partnership
    AirHelp Partnership

    Alerts you if you're eligible for compensation for a flight delay or disruption