Tips for Traveling With Golf Clubs

By TripIt

August 06, 2015

Traveling with golf clubs is very serious business. You’ve spent several thousand dollars on those new fancy irons and top of the line woods; you’ve added in another several hundred or more for that great golf bag; not to mention spikes, clothes, gloves and other accessories can add up to thousands more. You’re ready to take on the best courses in the world with your new clubs. But how do you travel with golf clubs safely? Here are seven tips on how to travel with golf clubs:


Get a Hard Shell, Well-made Travel Bag

These can run several hundred dollars, but they provide the best protection for your clubs in case they’re dropped upside down or mishandled. If you do buy a soft shell bag, it’s best to buy a club protection device to protect your shafts and heads during travel.


Get a Non-stop Flight If Possible 

This is common sense, but the fewer flights and times baggage handlers actually have to handle your precious cargo the better.


Accept the Fact That You’ll Be Checking an Oversized Bag

You must realize and accept that traveling with and checking golf clubs can be a costly and annoying proposition. Most airlines will charge you for checked bags or at least a second checked bag depending on the airline and your status. Additionally, some airlines may charge even more for oversized luggage so check ahead and don’t be surprised if you get charged more than you were expecting.


Look Into Shipping Your Clubs Ahead 

I have shipped luggage several times in recent years to avoid the hassles and fees that go along with checking bags. Golf clubs are the perfect thing to ship ahead.  There are many relatively low-cost shipping companies that will pick up your clubs at your house and ship to your destination for less or not much more than an airline would. Plus, you get a tracking number and dedicated customer service. This is a great option.


Add a Personal Identification Marker to Your Bag

Whether it be a business card or simply writing it in big neon letters, make sure if the tags get lost people know whose clubs they are and include your cell phone number as well.


Add Sweaters or Other Clothing Around Your Club Heads During Travel 

Your clubs will move around during travel and transit. So minimize potential damage by including soft materials like clothes between club heads to keep them in place when you travel. This can help prevent annoying little nicks.


Don’t Try to Cram Other Things in Your Golf Bag

Adding a protective layer of clothes is good but don’t try to avoid baggage fees or check-in fewer bags. This is a terrible idea, especially with electronics—trust me!

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