Packing Advice from the Experts at Hartmann

By TripIt

August 06, 2012

By Hartmann Luggage Traveling well means packing well. No one understands this more than Hartmann, luggage maker extraordinaire for over 135 years. No matter where you’re headed and when you travel, don’t leave home without applying these tried and true tips:
  • Don't overpack. Only bring clothing and items you're sure you'll need. Clothing stays less wrinkled and your bag stays more organized when it’s not overstuffed.
  • Distribute weight evenly. Spread out shoes, toiletries and other heavy items within your luggage. This will prevent items from shifting and ensure your bag's maneuverability.
  • Roll your clothes. Not only will doing this save space, but it will also help reduce wrinkling. You can maximize even more space by placing small, rolled up items like socks inside shoes.
  • Give your shoulder a break. If you're traveling with a briefcase or handbag in addition to your luggage, place any folders and documents you don’t need in your suitcase. It will be easier to roll the extra weight than to carry it.
And if you’re in the market for some new travel gear, you’re just in luck! Hartmann just started selling its sleekest creation yet, the PC4 Collection's Expandable Garment Bag Spinner. In continuing its tradition of accommodating the choosey traveler, the latest addition to the Hartmann collection is constructed with four lightweight, highly impact-resistant layers of polycarbonate accented with belting leather. Check out this beauty for yourself. You can get one today at