5 Ways to Save Yourself From #CarryonShame

By TripIt

August 12, 2014

If you’re a frequent flier who's active on social media, chances are you’ve heard about the #CarryonShame campaign. If you’re a traveler living in blissful ignorance about carry-on rules and restrictions chances are you’ve been a part of this campaign.   If you don’t fall into either of these groups, or if you simply fell through the cracks, let me explain. #CarryonShame is a campaign started by SF Chronicle Travel Editor and Bad Latitude blogger Spud Hilton with the goal of getting airline staff to enforce the rules and in turn cultivate a more considerate carry-on community.   Hilton urges his fellow travelers to help him shine light on the growing disregard for the rules surrounding carry-ons by sharing pictures and videos via Twitter, Instagram, and Vine using the hashtag #CarryonShame.   Despite rumors, Hilton says carry-on rules haven't changed. “I’ve been covering this issue since pre-9/11 and very little changed among major U.S. airlines,” Hilton said in an email. However, confusion could be caused by the false advertising by luggage producers and retailers. In fact, “40 percent of the bags labeled as carry-on that we measured did not meet standards for most airlines (45 linear inches, typically no more than 14 inches wide by 22 long by 9 deep),” stated Hilton in a blog post.   Although Hilton stresses the point of the campaign isn’t to embarrass travelers, we would all prefer not to end up on the @CarryonShame Twitter feed. So, here are 5 quick tips that Hilton shared with us over Twitter to help you avoid #CarryonShame.   Bp2ciBFCcAAXw3i

".@TripIt Tip 1: Take less stuff. Take more items that can be worn multiple times (in diff combos) and do sink laundry. #carryonshame"

".@TripIt Tip 2: Pack tight but keep valuables handy, and bring zip ties to "lock" bag in case you gate check. #carryonshame"

".@TripIt Tip 3: Use compression cubes (or heavy ziplocs) to organize + compress clothing. Also learn roll + bundle methods. " 

".@TripIt Tip 4: Avoid using the outside pocket on rollers. Instantly adds 3-4 inches to the profile that should only be 9"."

".@TripIt Tip 5: Take tape measure while bag shopping. Luggage companies fudging numbers to sell more bags. #carryonshame"