Boston Airport: What to Do, Eat & Drink in BOS

By TripIt

February 16, 2017

We’re probably not telling you anything you don’t already know when we say “going to the airport” isn’t exactly on everyone’s bucket list. But just like every destination is different, so is every airport. And just as navigating a new city is challenging in and of itself, so is navigating a new airport. Should I go for Ivar’s chowder or Beecher’s mac & cheese at SeaTac? Do I have time to do yoga at SFO’s Terminal 2? How long will it take to get to ATL’s Concourse E for a cocktail at One Flew South?

If you’re anything like us, then these are the types of questions you have. But never fear, because we have answers to your airport questions with our series of guides to America’s airports. Today, we bring you the TripIt airport guide to Boston Logan International Airport (BOS).


About BOS

Logan International Airport, one of the top 20 busiest airports in America and largest airport in New England, is located in East Boston—just four miles from downtown. It’s a hub for Delta and one of the largest focus airports for JetBlue. Since Logan has been a focus city for so many major carriers, such as American, it’s served as both a major airport for domestic and international routes, especially for European airlines.

One of the upsides to Logan is its convenience to Boston itself, since you can be to the airport in as little as 10 minutes by car or 20 minutes by public transportation. The MBTA offers the Blue Line Subway service and Silver Line Bus Rapid Transit. The Silver Line is free from Logan to South Station and includes a free Red Line transfer. Rental car companies operate out of the consolidated Rental Car Center on-property. TripIt’s Navigator feature can help you price out your options to and from the airport.

BOS has more than 100 gates, which are split across 4 terminals, including an international terminal (Terminal E), that are connected by moving walkways and accessible by shuttle buses. Complimentary Wi-Fi is offered throughout the airport.



It’s only natural that since Logan is New England’s largest airport, that its food options first begin with a seafood restaurant, Legal Sea Foods, a longtime Boston establishment. The great thing about Legal Sea Foods, beyond just good seafood, is its multiple locations throughout the airport, including terminals A, B and C.

Continuing with the local trend is Dine Boston Café, located in Terminal E, where you can have Boston classics like clam chowder and Boston Cream Pie. In Terminal B is Bonfire, from celebrity chef Todd English, who got his start in Boston. As the name presumes, there are a lot of grilled entrees, including several types of burgers and steaks. Another Boston restaurant recently opened in Terminal B, Stephanie’s, where you can have what’s dubbed as “sophisticated comfort food.”

Elsewhere, you have many of your typical airport restaurants, such as Sbarro, Wendy’s, Wolfgang Puck Express, and perhaps your best sandwich bet, Potbelly, located in Terminal C.

While BOS has some great dining options, its location in East Boston also puts it within a few minutes of great restaurants outside of the airport, such as the Australian-inspired Ko Pies and Italian Express Pizzeria, both of which are less than a mile away.



Since Boston is the home of renowned breweries like Samuel Adams, it’s only appropriate to put Boston Beer Works at the top of our list. Boston Beer Works is a chain of local restaurants and breweries, including the airport location in Terminal C. It features a number of their local brews as well as a full bar.

Continuing with the beer, well-known Boston brewery, Harpoon, has a Logan outpost located in Terminal A and features a number of their beers.

One of the most popular airport wine bars, Vino Volo, also has an airport location (Terminal A), where you can order wine by the flight, glass or bottle. Additionally, many of the restaurants I mentioned above double as great places for a drink. One of which is Stephanie’s, which has a build-your-own Bloody Mary menu where you can add your own toppings such as smoked bacon, artisanal beef and jumbo shrimp.



One of the most unique attractions at Boston Logan International Airport is the 9/11 outdoor memorial, a glass sculpture that honors the passengers from the flights that left Logan that day.

If you’re traveling with children, there are playgrounds in terminals A, B and C, dubbed “Kidport.” Like most international airports, BOS has a public art program which features both permanent and rotating exhibits. However, like I mentioned, perhaps Logan’s greatest strength is its convenience to Boston, since you can be to many of Boston’s best attractions in as little as 10-15 minutes.

Airport Lounges

Being such a major airport for both domestic and international airlines, BOS has a number of airline lounges, including two United Club lounges (Terminal A and C), Delta Sky Club (Terminal A) and American Airlines Admirals Club (Terminal B). Terminal E, the international terminal, has a number of international lounges, including the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse, Air France, Lufthansa and British Airways lounges. Additionally, TripIt users can easily access information and whereabouts of Logan’s airport lounges thanks to the new LoungeBuddy feature in the TripIt app.

Note: TripIt Pro’s LoungeBuddy perk will end on April 15, 2019. If you have redeemed your $25 credit, you will need to use it through the LoungeBuddy app. For information about when the credit expires and how to use it, please contact LoungeBuddy customer support.

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