4 Easy Ways to Make a Hotel Feel Like Home

By TripIt

April 26, 2016

Whether you’re a veteran road warrior or a novice traveler, you spend a lot of time in hotel rooms. Hotel rooms have kind of gone out of style in the last few years with apartment sharing services being more homely. However, many of us still stay in hotels whether it be for work or play. So, how do you get that homey feel in a hotel room? Here are some tips on how to make your hotel feel like home.


Homey Vibes

First, stay in a hotel that resembles what you like at home. If you have a trendy, modern apartment, stay at a trendy, modern hotel. If you’re more conservative or old school, then stay at a hotel with a more classic style. Basically, stay where you feel comfortable.

Many hotel chains have been getting hammered over the past decade because they haven’t kept up with trends and have been using a one size fits all approach. As the choices for vacationers and business travelers broaden, people are starting to drift away from these unchanging hotels. Don’t stay in cookie cutter places that smell like your grandmas house if you don’t want to. Do a little research and you’ll enjoy your hotel stay so much more—I think that Google thing is here to stay.


Bedtime Essentials

Second, request pillows and sheets that are to your liking. A huge complaint I hear is that pillows are too hard or too soft, or the sheets are too coarse, etc. My Aunt actually travels with her pillows from home. Yes, that may sound crazy, but it makes her more comfortable when she travels. You can actually request these things from hotels and you can also check it out ahead of time in reviews or blogs.


Move In

Third, don’t be afraid to move in so to speak. Unpack your bags. Use the drawers, hang up your clothes, spread out a bit. It’s your room—don't be afraid to actually use it. I’m guilty of it too. Sometimes, hotel rooms can be so nicely done up that you don’t want to mess it up. Nonsense! Remember that in hotels, you’re paying not just for the room but for the service too. Someone will clean up your mess—that’s their job! Obviously, don’t be obnoxious and don’t forget to tip maids.


Location, Location, Location

Finally, stay in a hotel that is in an area to your liking. To me, the worst thing about a hotel is if it’s not in a good spot and it’s an effort to get anywhere good. I live in New York and I can walk anywhere. So when I travel, I like to stay in areas like that. If you’re going to a new city, do some research or ask people who live in or know those cities where to stay. People love to share their city with others and nowadays every city has a cool area—it just may not always be obvious.

So, a little research can go a long way. Don’t be afraid to ask around and don’t be afraid to be picky. Hotels contribute to your overall travel experience, or at least they should. You have choices, so make the most of it and your hotel room can feel more like home.

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