3 High-End Eco-Hotels in Asia

By TripIt

August 06, 2014

As wanderers of the world, we all recognize the importance of preserving the Earth and protecting the people on this planet. Luckily, the growing trend of eco-hotels is helping us support these ideas while traveling.   We’ve already gone to the United States and Europe to look at a total of six forward-thinking hotels leading the way in eco-lodging. Now it’s time to travel to Asia and take a peek at three high-end resorts that demonstrate exceptional innovation when it comes to going green in the travel industry.   Aleenta Phang Nga Located in Phuket, Thailand, Aleenta is a luxury boutique resort with a passion for preserving the planet. With the Andaman Sea and its tranquil beaches in the resort’s backyard, Aleenta often participates in beach cleanings to keep the surrounding environment as clean and beautiful as possible. The resort also shows concern for the water they use. Artisan wells provide fresh water. Once used, the water is recycled through the lake and used to irrigate the gardens. Energy is another resource of top concern at Aleenta. Many energy-saving practices are put in place including key-activated energy systems and door censors in each of the guest rooms. These systems help to ensure lights aren’t left on when guests are out of the room and the air conditioning doesn’t run longer than necessary.   Being local and authentic is also extremely important at Aleenta. Not only does this guarantee a unique experience, but it has environmental benefits as well. To cut down on shipping emissions, the resort purchases products locally whenever possible, and it makes sure to encourage suppliers to use recyclable or reusable packing for their products.   To learn more about this green Southeast Asian getaway, visit the resort's website.   photo_04    Puri Dajuma Cottages & Spa Resort The Puri Dajuma Cottages & Spa Resort in West Bali works with their guests to reduce environmental impact. At the resort, guests are given the choice to opt out of using air conditioning in their room and use the much more efficient fan to stay cool. Each guest at the resort has the ability to reduce the carbon foot print during their stay if they follow Puri Dajuma’s suggestions. This Indonesian resort also does a lot to reduce environmental impact. During construction, natural and local products were used, and eco-ceramic septic tanks were put in place to treat used water. Additionally, green products can be found all throughout the resort. The cleaning products and shampoo are eco-friendly, the spa oils are natural, the vegetables in the kitchen are organic, and fresh fish is purchased directly from the local Pekutatan Village.   Puri Dajuma works hard to protect the environment as well as the Balinese culture and tradition. Eco-tourism tours are offered, and the resort respects surrounding villages by working to promote the local talent and culture.   To learn more about the resort’s positive practices, visit its website.   3702868_55_b  Six Senses Con Dao Six Senses Con Dao provides the ultimate Vietnamese island getaway. Dripping in sustainable style, the resort was strategically built into the pristine natural environment to guarantee minimal disturbances. With the preservation of nature held to the upmost importance, the resort and its surroundings are simply breathtaking. The main two materials used in construction were sourced locally. The timber is Indochinese hardwood sourced from sustainably managed forests and the granite was found locally in Con Dao. The low-density development of the resort and the use of indigenous plants make it difficult to determine where the resort ends and nature begins.   Six Senses continues to keep its environmental impact low by providing alternatives to air conditioning. Keeping in line with luxury, only the guest rooms have the option to use air-conditioning, but due to the design of the villas, natural ventilation and the fresh sea breeze will likely keep you cool enough. Of course, the list of green practices goes on, which is probably why Six Senses Con Dao was recognized as a top eco-lodge by National Geographic Traveler.   To learn more about this eco-resort and the nature to be explored in Con Dao, visit the resort’s website.    six-senses-con-dao-evasion-hideaway03