You Can Now Easily Search Maps On-the-Go and Add Photos to TripIt for iPhone & iPad

By TripIt

July 06, 2012

We’ve all been there. You finally land at your destination after a long flight. You make your way to the hotel and check in, only to find yourself hungry in a foreign city. Where can I grab a bite nearby? After the trek you’ve made, the last thing you want to do is wander around, figuring out where to eat. With our latest iPhone and iPad update, we’ve made it easy for you to find food, coffee, a pharmacy or whatever else you may need near your hotel or other itinerary items on the road. Not only is it easy to do this ahead of time, but it’s also easy to add these newfound items to your itinerary.

Screenshot 2012.06.01 08.59.12 copy        Screenshot 2012.06.01 09.02.05 copy

Trip items from your itinerary automatically pop up in search so you can easily find what you need nearby where you’ll be.

Another feature we’re excited to announce is the ability to add photos from your iPhone or iPad to your itinerary. You can use this new feature for practical purposes or just to add some fun snapshots to your trip plans. So whether you use it to help you remember where you parked your car, to add a photo of a great dish you had during your travels or to capture some fun décor from a party you attended, all your travel information can conveniently live in one place.

Photo        Photo4

Instantly add photos to your trip items so you can remember important information or share fun details with friends and family later.


Adding pictures to your itinerary is a great way to save important information you’ll later need or to save details that will be helpful to friends or colleagues who will be making the same trip in the future.

And for the last-but-not-least feature of this update, we’ve also given you a new, improved way to add, edit or delete trip plans from the app.
We hope you enjoy and happy travels!