Free Vacation Planner

By TripIt

October 22, 2015

While great vacations can be the highlights of our lives, planning them can cause more trouble than they worth. From booking international air travel to keeping track of hotel reservations, the details of a vacation can overwhelm just about any traveler if they’re not organized. Your vacation never has to be a source of stress ever again thanks to TripIt, a free vacation planner. With TripIt, you can easily organize all of those confirmation emails into a master travel itinerary—allowing you to access all your important travel information in one place. After creating a free account, you simply forward vacation confirmation emails to plans@, then the information is automatically compiled and organized into a master travel itinerary.  

Plan Your Vacation Online—for Free!

With TripIt, you can see all of their vacation information—including flight details, hotel reservations, maps, driving directions—all in one organized place. While TripIt can generate itineraries automatically, you’re welcome to fully customize them by adding photos, notes, extra maps, contact details, activity information and more. The streamlined interface allows for the manual input of any and all travel information to put your mind at ease. TripIt users can plan their entire vacation down to the very minute if they want to.  

A Vacation Planner in the Palm of Your Hand

With the TripIt mobile app, you can create, edit and view itineraries anywhere, anytime—even while offline. The free mobile app is compatible with iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows operating systems. While using the app, you can access driving directions and maps with Google Maps integration.  

Free Features

Planning a vacation with TripIt doesn’t stop at your itinerary. You can seamlessly sync your vacation plans with their favorite online or mobile calendar automatically. The days of copying and pasting cluttered emails are over for TripIt users, with a click of a button you can share specific plans or an entire itinerary with anyone via text or email. With TripIt’s Traveler Profile, you can enter essential travel document information safely and securely. In addition, Traveler Profile can hold contact information for important people you may need to get a hold of while on vacation. With automatic features, full customization, mobility and handy additions, TripIt has all you need to make your next vacation a breeze.