Updated: TripIt for Apple Watch

By May 22, 2019 News & Culture
travel apps for Apple Watch

It’s been a few years since we first announced TripIt on Apple Watch, and we’ve been busy adding a few more bells and whistles. Starting today, users of the TripIt app for Apple Watch can see a list with upcoming trips, tap to view the itinerary timeline, and drill down for details of a specific travel plan.

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We also added new complications for watch faces. Try one out to see your upcoming travel plans right from the face of your Apple Watch and launch into your TripIt app.

With TripIt for Apple Watch, you have hands-free access to the information you need most while traveling without having to slow down to pull out your phone. So you can cruise through the airport, coffee in one hand and carry-on luggage in the other, and just glance down at your wrist to see which gate you need to be at. If you’re a TripIt Pro user, you’ll receive real-time flight alerts, like flight delays or gate changes.

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Here’s how the new Apple Watch complications can help while you’re traveling:


Before your flight

We’re making it easier to get where you need to be. Depending on the watch face, the complication can show your departure time, departure airport, flight number, and/or terminal and gate number, and for Pro users, may include color-coded flight status (red for delayed and green for on time).  


During your flight

Depending on your watch face, you’ll see helpful tips such as: a countdown to your arrival, your arrival airport, and/or a progress bar with the remaining flight time.


During your trip

To make sure you don’t miss a beat, we’ll show you when you have activities coming up, such as a shuttle, hotel, meeting, or restaurant reservation. When you tap the complication on the watch face, you’ll go directly to the TripIt app on the Watch to see additional details about the plan.


The fine print

TripIt complications for the Apple Watch are available with the newest version of TripIt from the App Store. Download the latest version and make sure TripIt is installed on your Watch. To add TripIt complications to your Apple Watch, go into the Customize mode for your watch face. For more information about setting up the TripIt Apple Watch app, visit our help page. Or, visit the complications help page to troubleshoot those options.

With TripIt complications, you’re that much closer to the perfect trip.