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Instant access to office travel spending

See where and when travel dollars are going


Access past travel spend

See how much your office has spent this year on air, hotel and car.

Get a snapshot of future spend

See upcoming travel costs for the next 30 and 90 days.

Know your road warriors

Identify your most frequent and efficient travelers.
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"TripIt helps get folks where they need to be."
Susan, Travel Coordinator
"It's easy to use, great to keep the team organized."
Sam, Manager
What is TripIt for Teams?
TripIt for Teams gives travel planners an efficient way to organize travel arrangements for team members and keep travel plans organized in one place. Previously known as TripIt for Business, it’s ideal for teams from 2 to 200, enhancing productivity for startups, schools, and sports teams, bands, and teams within Fortune 100 organizations. By forwarding travel-confirmation emails to, travel planners can easily access all plans on a central dashboard that leverages the same TripIt technology valued by millions of business travelers.

In addition, a team travel calendar makes it easy to see when and where colleagues are traveling. While on the road, travelers get all the benefits of TripIt, which makes it easy to access confirmation numbers, maps, directions, and other trip details from anywhere.
Do my travelers have to pay additional fees to use TripIt?
No, they can use a free TripIt account to access their plans anywhere (calendar, smartphone, website).
Is this the same as TripIt Pro?
No. TripIt for Teams is designed for travel planners to organize and manage other TripIt users' travel arrangements. With TripIt for Teams, you can manage both free TripIt users and users who have upgraded to TripIt Pro to receive instant flight alerts, find alternate flights, get flight refund notifications, and keep track of frequent traveler points in one place. TripIt for Teams can add Pro features at $3 per user per month, a 27% discount.

Have more questions? Want TripIt for Teams for 100 or more users? Talk to Sales anytime from 9 AM to 6 PM PST at 888-811-2034 or contact us here