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Share your trips and stay connected.
It’s easy to share itineraries, and post travel plans on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
Keep everyone up to date on your plans.

Click the "Share" button on your itinerary to share your travel plans with family, friends and colleagues. It’s an easy way to keep them in the know, and helps you connect with others on the road.

You can share itineraries via email, or you can generate a link that takes people straight to your trip. You can also post your travel plans on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter with one click.

More about sharing trips
Automatically share trips with your Inner Circle.

If you travel often, you might be interested in a TripIt Pro feature called Inner Circle.

Inner Circle automatically shares your travel plans with people like your spouse or assistant. When you add a connection to your Inner Circle, they can access all your trip details, including whether or not your flight is on time.

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