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Sample TripIt Itinerary

Keep all of your travel details in one place, including flight schedule, maps, directions, route, weather, pictures, and more. TripIt travel template will help you get started. Simply forward any of your travel confirmation emails to
Get your travel organized. Start Now!
Share your itinerary with friends, family and colleagues.
Created automatically from Virgin Airlines confirmation email forwarded to TripIt.
TripIt supports over 1,000 different booking sites so you can add plans to your itinerary no matter where you booked.
Add driving directions to your itinerary when you need to know how to get from point A to point B.
Customize your itinerary with additional plans and activities.
Maps of your destination automatically added to your itinerary.
Add notes, travel tips and even photos to your trip.
Weather for your destination is included in your trip plans.
Easily find confirmation numbers, phone numbers, and addresses.
Check flight status and check-in for your flight right from your itinerary.