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TripIt PPID Personalized Ad Choices

In connection with the services provided by Concur Technologies, Inc. ("Concur") that you access and use through the TripIt mobile application and ("TripIt"), TripIt uses information about you, such as pages you view, ads you click, and your travel history, to personalize the ads, content, and other features you see on TripIt sites, apps, and other online services and on third-party sites and apps serving TripIt ads ("Tracked Sites"). TripIt and our third-party service providers and partners, such as ad networks, use cookies and other identifiers to gather this information about your interests and to deliver ads and content personalized to your interests.

TripIt uses identifiers called Publisher Provided Identifiers ("PPIDs") for some of our personalized ads and content. PPIDs allow us to use a consistent identifier representing you across different devices from which you use and access Tracked Sites. This helps us better tailor ads and content to your interests and helps keep us from showing you the same ads too many times even as you switch devices used to access TripIt.

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