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TripIt for Google Apps

Helps any company streamline travel planning and improve employee collaboration.
It's easy to get started!

Simply roll out the free TripIt app, and employees can streamline their travel planning, no matter where trips are booked. They can also share trips and collaborate with colleagues, and see who's traveling where on the company travel map.


More TripIt services for Google...

TripIt Calendar Gadget
Display your travel plans on this handy calendar gadget. Learn more
TripIt Groups Gadget
Display your group information on iGoogle or Google Sites. Learn more
TripIt Calendar Feed
Add your trips to Google Calendar, Outlook and more. Learn how
TripIt for Mobile
Download our free Android app. Also available on iPhone and BlackBerry.
How does it work?

TripIt for Google Apps enables any company using Google Apps to also use TripIt's popular, award-winning service to organize and share travel plans.

Employees can access full travel itineraries on their mobile phones, and share their travel plans with colleagues and assistants. Managers can view employee travel plans on a company travel map.

How much does it cost?

TripIt for Google Apps is free, as are TripIt, TripIt Groups, TripIt Gadgets and TripIt for Mobile.

TripIt Pro is available for a premium, and offers mobile travel alerts, alternate flight options and frequent travel point tracking to business travelers. Learn more

What about security and privacy?

Only an authorized Google administrator can install and roll out Google Apps, including TripIt. This administrator also invites employees to their TripIt company group. Once joined, each employee can determine what travel information they want to share with others.

Using TripIt and sharing travel information is always optional, and at each person's own discretion.