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To create an itinerary for your trip, just forward travel confirmation emails to
Forward your confirmation emails.

You can send us confirmation emails from more than 3,000 different travel booking sites. Including...

200+ Airlines
200+ Hotels
  60+ Rental car companies
40+ Railways
40+ Airport shuttles

We also support hundreds of travel agencies, dozens of cruise lines and business travel sites, as well as event and activity planning sites like OpenTable, Evite, Fandango and StubHub.

See a list of all of our supported booking sites
We'll automatically create your trip itinerary.

When you forward your confirmation emails to, we turn them into an itinerary for your trip.

Your itinerary has all of your important travel details in one convenient place. You can customize it with maps, directions and personal touches like pictures and notes. Once your itinerary is created you can access it anytime online, or using your mobile device.

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