TripIt for Teams

Team travel. Simplified.

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Organize everyone

Create detailed, daily itineraries for every traveler.


See everything

Stay in control with a central travel dashboard.


Collaborate everywhere

Team-wide calendars keep you and your travelers in sync.

Increase your productivity. Decrease your stress.

TripIt for Teams' powerful features will simplify and streamline travel planning for teams of all types and sizes. Whether you're an office manager, assistant, admin, or anyone who else who plans travel, you'll find that TripIt for Teams is the easiest, most efficient way to keep you and your travelers organized.

TripIt for Teams Features

  • Instant itineraries keep everyone organized.
  • Central travel dashboard gives you total control.
  • Team calendar keeps everyone in sync.
  • Team-wide spending reports keep you informed.
  • Seamless integration gives your travelers flexibility.
  • Onboarding tools make getting started a snap.
  • Specialized support provides the help you need.

I've got team members and contractors coming and going to events, tradeshows, and concerts around the world. So I literally use TripIt for Teams all day long.

—Danae, DWP Live

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