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Projecting Success

The show must go on

The Story
What do Madonna's Super Bowl halftime show and Beyoncé's performance at the U.N. have in common? They both relied on DWP Live to make their shows an eye-popping success. With projects and performances spanning the globe, coordinating travel for a team of engineers, producers, and designers is key. Which is why Danae, an administrative assistant for DWP Live, relies on TripIt for Teams.
One week, Ben is in Utah, and Danny is in Amsterdam. Justin is in London, and Kyle is in L.A. Before TripIt for Teams, no one, including me, knew exactly where anyone else was. And that made travel organizing and resource planning a real nightmare. But with TripIt for Teams' central dashboard and team calendar, we can see where everyone is and move resources quickly to the next gig.

Company:DWP Live

Description:DWP Live provides a value-driven approach to all aspects of video production for corporate clients, agencies, and designers.

Headquarters:Nashville with a second location in Los Angeles

# of members on Danae's team:11+ independent contractors

Average # of trips per year:275–440, because each crew member travels anywhere from 25 to 40 trips a year

The results
247 Spreadsheets eliminated in a year
0 Number of misplaced itineraries
100% Reduction in confusion
5 Encores received since getting TripIt for Teams
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DWP Live
I've got team members and contractors coming and going to events, trade shows, and concerts around the world. So I literally use TripIt for Teams all day long.

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