Børn Ready

From paper chaos to peace of mind

The Story
Amanda was your typical travel coordinator: juggling countless airline and hotel reservations, printing out endless emails, and working tirelessly to keep all her travelers up-to-date and in the know. Until she got TripIt for Teams. Now multicity itineraries are a breeze. She handles middle-of-the-night travel crises with ease. And her 16-member team thinks she's a travel-planning superstar.
I used to print hard copies of every reservation for every team member. I worried about giving John's travel plans to Becky and vice versa. Now everything is on my dashboard and on my phone, and every traveler can pull up their plans at any time.

Company:Børn Footwear, a subsidiary of H.H. Brown Shoe Company

Description:For more than a decade, Børn has been redefining casual footwear with a combination of handcrafted styles, premium leathers, and fine details.

Headquarters:Greenwich, CT

# of members on Amanda's team:16 people

Average # of trips per year:150

The results
Hours saved per day
Reams of paper saved
Reduction in paper cuts
Thank-yous received since getting TripIt for Teams
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Coordinating travel is just part of my job description, but it was taking up so much of my time.
TripIt for Teams
TripIt for Teams is the easiest, most efficient way for travel planners to organize travel for their teams. No more cutting and pasting travel plans into spreadsheets, printing out reservations, or manually entering travel plans onto a calendar: TripIt for Teams automatically organizes it all with individual itineraries for travelers, a central travel dashboard for planners, and calendars for the entire team.