Increase your productivity

Decrease your stress

TripIt for Teams' powerful features will simplify and streamline travel planning for teams of all types and sizes. Whether you're an office manager, assistant or anyone who arranges travel, you'll find that TripIt for Teams is the easiest, most efficient way to keep you and your travelers organized.


Instant itineraries keep everyone organized.

Simply forward flight, hotel, car rental, and restaurant confirmation emails to, specifying the traveler's email address in the subject line. TripIt automagically creates a comprehensive itinerary for every traveler and every trip.

  • No more cutting and pasting. No more searching for emails in your inbox or manually entering travel plans onto a spreadsheet or calendar. TripIt for Teams organizes it all.
  • Detailed, daily itineraries. All of a traveler's trip details (flights, hotels, meetings, and more) are organized into one incredibly convenient and comprehensive itinerary, keeping you and your travelers sane.
  • Edit with ease. You and your travelers can easily make changes or additions to an itinerary whenever a meeting gets added or a restaurant reservation is revised.
  • Make travelers happy. Team members can access their individual trip itineraries anytime, from any device—even when they're offline. Now reservations, confirmation numbers, maps, directions, and more are at their fingertips.
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Travel calendar keeps everyone in sync.

Give the entire team (including you) a snapshot of all travel activity. Now every traveler in your team can see when and where colleagues are traveling ‐ without bugging you.

  • Coordinate with ease. One look at the team calendar makes syncing up with colleagues a breeze. See travel dates and locations of every team member on your favorite calendar.
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Share Trip Details

Travelers in the team can share trip details.

Travelers have the option of sharing trip details with the team so they can book the same flight, hotel or share a car.


Travel dashboard gives you total control.

Get a bird's-eye view of all travel plans with a central travel dashboard designed just for travel planners.

  • Instant visibility. See all upcoming trips right from your dashboard to see who's traveling, how they're getting there, where they're staying, and more.
  • Control central. With a few clicks, you can edit trips, access the team travel calendar for at-a-glance scheduling, or get a team-wide spending report.
  • Add or edit trip plans with ease. Just click on any individual trip itinerary to make edits or add plans on a traveler's behalf.
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Shared Locations

Shared location alerts help you coordinate travel.

See when your travelers will be in the same city so you can organize travel plans more efficiently.


Seamless TripIt integration gives your travelers flexibility.

TripIt for Teams works with both TripIt and TripIt Pro, so your travelers can choose the features they need.

  • Every traveler on the team must have either a TripIt or TripIt Pro account, which is all handled during the initial setup. For mobile access, each traveler should download the TripIt app for iOS or Android.
  • TripIt. A free TripIt subscription provides instant access to travel plans, plus directions, maps, weather, and more—all in one place.
  • TripIt Pro. Upgrade any individual travelers to TripIt Pro (at a 27% discount) for everything TripIt has to offer plus instant mobile flight alerts, seat tracking, help finding alternate flights, monitoring for fare refunds, and a central place to keep track of loyalty-program rewards.
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Invite by email

Onboarding tools make getting started a snap.

Getting your team set up and raring to go is quick and easy. Simply invite team members via email, and we'll take care of the rest.

  • Invite travelers to join the team. They'll each receive an email requesting permission to allow you to arrange travel on their behalf. We'll create a new TripIt account for the traveler if he or she doesn't already have one.
  • Upgrade any travelers to TripIt Pro, anytime. Do you have super-frequent fliers on your team who would benefit from the extra bells and whistles in TripIt Pro? It's easy to upgrade them for just $3 per member each month.
  • Set up your groups. By department, title, or whatever grouping you choose. Group members will have access to a shared map and calendar to view dates and locations of their fellow members.
  • Create mobile itineraries for your travelers. Simply forward travel confirmation emails to, making sure to include the traveler's email address in the subject line. This will ensure the plans go directly into the traveler's TripIt account, not yours.
  • Manage all travelers and trips from the central travel dashboard. This is your home base, your command central, where you can keep track of all trips planned, sort by traveler, and edit any itinerary with ease.
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