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The absolute easiest, fastest way to organize my trips. Did I make that car reservation for my trip 2 months from now? All I have to do is check my Tripit. I'd be lost without it. The alerts on flight delays are great. Recently saved me 2 hours from having to wait at the airport. Simply a great app. I tell people about it all the time.

John, TripIt Pro member

Tripit has been a real life saver. Having to do the 3 month business miles log has been made so easy with this app, just set yourself up and then when you get in the car, hit the log button and let tripit and it's built in GPS track and log your journey. No more paper diaries and forgotten trips Tripit logs everything and allocates a journey.

DAZZA, TripIt Pro member

I'm a PA so TripIt is fantastic for me to organise flights, accommodation and send them straight to my boss's iPhone without lengthy data entry and calendar appointments. I can keep track of his flight delays and movements and update his itinerary on the go. Love it!!

Kmoejo, TripIt Pro member

Are used TripIt Pro when travelling to Vegas a few weeks ago. I was extremely happy with the service provided. Not only were the push notifications letting me know about the details of the flight ahead of time fantastic, but also notifications about alterations and changes to the flightplan as I journeyed through New York and then on to Las Vegas. One of the most impressive things was knowing which gate I needed to go to as soon as we touched down. This is one of those truly fantastic apps and certainly a must for anybody who travels regularly as I do.

Marcus, TripIt Pro member
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