TripIt Pro Features

TripIt Pro does way more than just organize your travel plans. It also alerts, monitors, notifies, tracks, and shares. Start a 30-Day Free Trial

TripIt Pro includes the following features:

  • Everything TripIt

    Get all your travel plans in one place.

  • Alerts

    Sends real-time alerts for delays, cancellations, and gate changes.

  • Alternate Flights

    Finds you alternate flights with open seats, fast.

  • Seat Tracker

    Tells you when the seat you want becomes available.

  • Point Tracker

    Keeps track of reward-program points and miles in one spot.

  • Flight Refunds

    Notifies you when you're eligible for a flight refund.

  • Sharing

    Lets you share itineraries with your inner circle automatically.

  • VIP Benefits

    Saves you money with VIP benefits from trusted travel partners.

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