Traveler Testimonials

TripIt Pro

“Fantastic! TripIt Pro is like having an omniscient personal concierge. It makes travel a billion million thousand times less stressful. I love, love, love it.”
- Abie Hadjitarkhani, San Francisco

“Everyone who travels more than once a month should use TripIt Pro! It is amazing.”
- Bob A Pittsburgh

“This was the easiest and most accurate tool I have used to receive my flight changes.”
- Jim M, Jacksonville, FL

“Loved the text messages letting me know the flight status. I signed up last week, and then had a delayed flight over the weekend. Having that information sent to me quickly helped me rearrange my travel.”
- Kyle, Jacksonville, FL

“VERY VERY pleased with the Pro version. It's added functionality to my travel that has eased some of the unknown.”
- Don F, Boynton Beach, FL

“Receiving these messages to my mobile device saved valuable minutes while in transit. Thank you!”
- Lisa S, Swarthmore, PA

“I am the superhero of my own travel adventures, and TripIt Pro makes it happen.”
- Brad W, Indianapolis, IN

“I thought it was great - it was like my phone knew as soon as I stepped off the plane.”
- Matt K, San Francisco, CA

“I love the gate number notice and the notice of a gate change. The inner circle is perfect for my family.”
- Aisha K, Seattle, WA

“I really liked the fact that when I landed, I got a text message immediately when I turned my phone on and knew which gate to go to and how much time I had in between flights. It saved me from having to worry about finding a screen inside of the terminal and allowed me to plan my time better.”
- Keith E, Hattiesburg, MS

“Yesterday, I spent 8 hours trying to get from RDU to CVG due to ATC delays and weather. I received constant update notice about delays, gate changes, and alternate flights from TripIt Pro...even before I received them from the airline in most cases. I even received an alert when my delayed incoming flight landed and when it arrived at the gate!”
- Letha S, Fort Worth, TX

“TripIt Pro allows me to concentrate on the reason of my trip, not the logistics.”
- Louie L, Mountain View, CA

“It feels like having an assistant traveling with me that's dedicated to providing me with specifics of my itinerary, including real time update of changes.”
- Tim B, Dallas, TX

“TripIt Pro is like having your own guardian travel angel.”
- Michael M, Austin, TX

“Arrival and departure gate texts are great for connecting flights and flight delays frequently hit my iPhone before they post on the airport screens. Thanks for a great tool and making the chaos of business travel a little easier.”
- Rick C, Austin


“As a frequent traveler, I love, love, love TripIt! And, our Tradeshow Coordinator at work does too. She books things for me and just sends it to TripIt and adds to my trips! It works great as an individual or on a team. Big thanks to you! You've made my life easier!”
- Betsy Weber, TechSmith

“I've wanted this service for years! I'm really glad you guys are finally doing it. And I love the calendar integration that clinches the deal for me.”
- Charlie Wood, frequent traveler

“My team and I are very pleased with TripIt. We're using it to coordinate our business travel. Thanks!”
- Hal Snik, Nickelodeon

"TripIt is a fantastic service. If only the actual travel part of the travel experience were as easy as using TripIt, the world would be a lot better off!”
- Scott Griffiths, business traveler

“I just have to send a note to say how impressed I am with your super service!”
- Nick Sawbridge, Rapid Ice

“You guys are AWESOME! The detailed iCal feed was my first (and only) feature request, and you've done it!!! I just clicked on my Outlook calendar and BAM there were my flights home for Christmas, set to the correct timezone and everything! What a great present. I'm now going to let my entire staff know about the service. We are all travelers, so this is going to be a great Christmas present for them as well. Keep up the rockin' good work!”
- Kye Hittle, frequent traveler

“Get ready for lots of new TripIt users. I'm an Admin at Sun Microsystems and I've forwarded your helpful tool to the other Admins at my company. Thank you for your wonderful online tool!”
- Annenicole Dy, Sun Microsystems

“Love the site...great problem solver for me. I'm talking the site up on”
- Patrick Dunlap, frequent traveler

“Let me express my profound JOY in seeing TripIt for the first time yesterday. I am going to share the love of your site with my colleagues.”
- Jonathan Case, IntelligentLife

“My colleagues and I are certainly excited to use TripIt to consolidate our travel bookings!”
- Aki Balogh, Diamond Management & Technology Consultants

“I've been using TripIt for about two months to plan itineraries for corporate travel. I like the site a lot and it has helped make my job a little easier. Keep up the good work!”
- Kelly Jessup, Stewardship Investment Advisors

“I am in Love with TripIt. I can't say this enough, Tripit is going to change my world. If this is the future, I love it. TripIt managed all the details for us. It even helped me out in a pinch when I lost the print out and I needed the phone number for the limo company. I was able to email TripIt from my phone and get back the info I needed using Trip To Me. It's like having a virtual travel agent.”
- Omar Shahine, Microsoft