Mar 31, 2016

Travel Secrets of On-The-Go Pros

Marie Claire
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"5 Apps to Download Now – TripIt. Aggregate all elements of your itinerary, then share with colleagues or loved ones. Bonus: Real-time gate change alerts.”

Mar 30, 2016

What Technology Companies Can Learn from Toy Makers

Harvard Business Review
Alexandra Samuel
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“A great example is the TripIt feature that lets you know when your contacts are going to be in the same city at the same time, based on your shared itineraries: It’s a feature that actually makes it more likely for us to connect in person, where we can deepen the relationships we’ve formed online.”

Mar 30, 2016

All the Benefits of TripIt Pro That You Did Not Know

Planet D
Dave and Deb
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“There are so many reasons we would never travel without TripIt Pro. Ever since signing up after receiving a free year trial at a conference three years ago, we’ve been hooked.”

Mar 30, 2016

4 Best Tools for Tracking Your Reward Miles

Wise Bread
Jason Steele
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“Tripit Pro is a travel organizing tool that produces detailed daily itineraries for every trip while providing real-time flight alerts and notifications. It also allows you to stay on top of all the points and miles that you earn from over 150 different travel rewards programs with its Point Tracker feature.”

Mar 17, 2016

Featured:  Top 10 Best Android Apps for Spring Break 2016

Android Headlines
Alexander Maxham
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“[TripIt is] one of the best apps for keeping track of all of your itinerary information for your spring break trip, or really any trip.”

Mar 16, 2016

Interview:  Filling the Vast Innovation Gap in Corporate Travel

Hannah Sampson
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“My second favorite is probably the TripIt app, which is simply, you know, a mobile itinerary. We were the first TMC in the country to integrate our technology with TripIt….I still use it every day to keep track of all my itineraries digitally.”

Mar 13, 2016

The Married Couple Behind “The Planet D” Shares Their Best Travel Advice

Martha Stewart Weddings
Brooke Porter Katz
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“TripIt Pro is our favorite app. It amalgamates all of our itineraries, from flights to hotel room bookings to car rentals. It also tracks our reward points.”

Mar 11, 2016

Five Must-Have Travel Apps for Spring Break

USA Today
Marc Saltzman
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“[TripIt] is one of those “must have” travel apps for your phone. Before you go, forward all of your confirmation emails to and the service will automatically and instantly organize everything into a detailed summary for your phone, complete with confirmation codes, maps, and other info.” 

Mar 09, 2016

9 Best Mobile Apps to Bring on Spring Break

Brian O’Connell
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“TripIt takes all your travel confirmation emails (hotel, airline, car rental and restaurants) and creates a detailed daily itinerary. Itineraries can be accessed anytime on any device, even offline.”

Mar 08, 2016

Travel Super Savers Reveal How They Flew on a Private Jet for Free

ABC NEWS – Good Morning America
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“Super Savers’ Tips - combines multiple travel itineraries in one place, presenting it in a single dashboard.”


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