Apr 24, 2016

A Celebrity Reader Report:  Japan Airlines First Class LAX-Tokyo-SFO

Scott Hintz
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“Scott Hintz was headed to Tokyo in first class on Japan Airlines using his American AAdvantage award miles. Knowing he has a very discerning eye, I asked if he wouldn’t mind taking some notes and reporting back to TravelSkills about his experience. Luckily, he obliged with an excellent post and a handful of photos.”

Apr 18, 2016

20 Ingenious Travel Apps to Download Now

The Zoe Report
Erin Nicole
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“Especially useful for trips that include multiple flights and cities, TripIt organizes your confirmation e-mails (hotels, flights, etc.) into one concise itinerary. TripIt Pro does the same but also includes tons of other features.”

Apr 17, 2016

Genius Organizing Apps That Will Change Your Life

Better Homes and Gardens
Megan Boettcher
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“Once a trip is planned, it can be difficult to collate all the confirmation information for flights, hotels, ground transportation, and dinner reservations in a well-organized manner. [TripIt] brings everything together in one easy-to-view itinerary.”

Apr 14, 2016

Best Apps for Frequent Flyers:  Tech Minute

Lexy Savvides
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“TripIt, is a favorite among frequent travelers as it organizes all of your travel plans in one place. The Pro version gives you access to real-time flight alerts and notifies you if a better seat becomes available.”

Apr 11, 2016

How to Earn Miles and Points Without Leaving Home

New York Times
Stephanie Rosenbloom
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“Your points are worthless if they expire. Keep track of all your loyalty program points in one place with sites such as AwardWallet, Points.com and TripIt Pro’s Point Tracker.”

Apr 06, 2016

11 Apps That Can Help You Get Though the Airport as Quickly as Possible

Business Insider
Talia Avakian
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“With TripIt, simply forward your flight, hotel, or restaurant confirmation emails to the app, and it will create a master itinerary for you.”

Apr 05, 2016

International SOS Releases Itinerary-Forwarding Feature

JoAnn DeLuna
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"While travel security firms like International SOS and iJet can integrate with TMCs to capture travel, aggregating off-channel bookings has proven more challenging. Tools like Forward Travel Itinerary and Concur's TripIt and TripLink aim to close that gap.”

Mar 31, 2016

Travel Secrets of On-The-Go Pros

Marie Claire
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"5 Apps to Download Now – TripIt. Aggregate all elements of your itinerary, then share with colleagues or loved ones. Bonus: Real-time gate change alerts.”

Mar 30, 2016

4 Best Tools for Tracking Your Reward Miles

Wise Bread
Jason Steele
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“Tripit Pro is a travel organizing tool that produces detailed daily itineraries for every trip while providing real-time flight alerts and notifications. It also allows you to stay on top of all the points and miles that you earn from over 150 different travel rewards programs with its Point Tracker feature.”

Mar 30, 2016

All the Benefits of TripIt Pro That You Did Not Know

Planet D
Dave and Deb
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“There are so many reasons we would never travel without TripIt Pro. Ever since signing up after receiving a free year trial at a conference three years ago, we’ve been hooked.”