Aug 28, 2007

The Web: Some Antics

The Economist

"If this sounds eerily similar to the kind of thing a human travel agent used to do in the days before the non-semantic web almost killed his profession, that is exactly what Gregg Brockway has in mind."

Aug 22, 2007

TripIt -- Travel Planning Done Right

DemoGirl Blog

"TripIt gives you a great way to organize your travel plans in a neat little package."

Jul 27, 2007

TripIt Looking For Beta Testers

Tim O'Reilly

"There's a kind of magic to forwarding on a travel confirmation from an airline or a hotel reservation and having them aggregated into an itinerary, along with automagically-added maps of the destination, local weather, and other useful information. I'll often put together a packet like this for a trip I'm taking, but that's a manual process."