Oct 29, 2007

TripIt, Easy Travel Itineraries

Admins @ Work


"How many of you carry around a manila folder with printouts of your electronic airline tickets, hotel confirmations, and rental car receipts when you travel?"

Oct 24, 2007

TripIt to Me (mobile)

Open Parenthesis

John Eckman


"This is genius - simple, clean access to the info I need without having to launch a web browser, navigate, etc.TripIt just keeps getting better."

Oct 23, 2007

Trip It!

The Geeky Traveler


"The travel organizing site TripIt will take care of the details for you with very little effort on your part."

Oct 22, 2007

Web 2.0 Summit: And the Launch Pad Winners Are...

Information Week

John Foley


"The readers's choice in a landslide was TripIt, which a surprising number of InformationWeek.com readers already are using."

Oct 22, 2007

Website of the Week

TimesOnline UK

Ginny McGrath


"We love: the finished product -- a neat itinerary that will spare you carrying reams of print-outs in your carry-on."

Oct 22, 2007

A Simple and Useful Website -- With a Great Name


Alexis Ohanian


"Here's the best part: it's dead simple."

Oct 12, 2007

Sites I'm Using: TripIt



"The other big feature of TripIt is that it allows you to share itineraries with people you designate - very useful if you're trying to coordinate a trip with business colleagues or friends."

Oct 10, 2007

Website of the Week -- TripIt.com



"It takes no time at all and it really works! I just did it and was pleasantly surprised; they threw in maps, weather forecasts and links to useful tips, including links to check-in online."

Oct 09, 2007

Hotwire's Founder Launches New Venture: Trip Management for the Consumer

ATW Daily News


"The founder of Hotwire is back with a new venture: an application that will create a sort of "super PNR" for consumers, dramatically simplifying the management of a trip."

Oct 07, 2007

A Trip Organizer for the Wireless Era

New York Times

Hilary Howard


"If you're looking for a way to consolidate travel information -- besides printing out e-mail confirmations and sticking them into the oblivion of your wallet -- then TripIt, a free online service, might be worth a try."