Mar 24, 2008

Virtual Travel Assistant, interview with Gregg Brockway

FOX Business TV, Money for Breakfast (Video)

"Business travel can be stressful enough, you don't need the added aggravation just getting your reservations in order."

Mar 05, 2008

Best New Airline Web Sites


"A tidy, paperless way to keep track of everything from flight reservations to OpenTable dinner plans, this site extracts travel details from the booking confirmations that you forward by e-mail, then organizes them all on a private Web page."

Mar 01, 2008

Best New Airline Web Sites

Travel + Leisure

Wing Sze Tang

"Best For Organizing Travel Details"

Feb 28, 2008

Forward hotel and airline confirmation emails to...

Tadd Rosenfeld

"TripIt turns chaos into order by making it easy for anyone."

Feb 27, 2008

Two Ways to Keep Track of Your Travel Plans

Wall Street Journal

The Mossberg Solution by Katherine Boehret

"If you wish you had a personal assistant to arrange your travel reservations into a neat itinerary, TripIt does a great job and requires minimal effort and time. Its itineraries look polished, combining reservations into one neat list per trip that can be retrieved at any time."

Feb 25, 2008

Tripit, it just works

Braintwists Blog

Klaas Ardinois

"It's dead easy to use, it's fantastically thought through and cleverly crafted to minimize your effort. The lazy web at it's best. I know the year is still long, but this is already a huge contestant for my personal "tool of the year" award!"

Feb 21, 2008

TripIt for Business Travelers

Business Travel Logue

"Travel managers can use this tool to save themselves a lot of time. They can easily make changes if needed AND they can see a calendar with the location of all of their associates in one place. Very cool."

Feb 14, 2008

From TripIt to YowTrip, rating 6 blog and travel startups

Tech Confidential

Joshua Jaffe

"With $1 million raised already from O'Reilly AlphaTech Ventures, it's not a stretch to place TripIt on top of the heap."

Feb 11, 2008

I Heart Tripit


Jake Kuramoto

"Joel is correct. TripIt is awesome, and there's less overlap with Dopplr than I expected. TripIt has the social features, a network, sharing trips, etc. However, you can get value from TripIt without ever sharing trips or using the network."

Feb 07, 2008

Tripit expands business support

Community Guy Blog

Jake McKee

"My favorite travel site, TripIt has expanded their support for business folks today. Very cool, since I've run into this problem regularly."