Apr 06, 2011

TripIt API Boasts More than 330 Apps

Dennis Schaal
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"With the TripIt API, there’s obviously a whole lot of innovation going on."

Apr 06, 2011

Best iPhone Holiday Apps: Apps of the Week

Metro (UK)
Kieran Alger
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"Constantly worried about missing connections or misplacing hotel addresses? TripIt helps keep all your travel plans in order."

Apr 04, 2011

Top 11 Essential Android Apps

James Kendrick
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"...I do I find TripIt Pro to be invaluable as keeping up with my itineraries. Getting them into TripIt couldn’t be easier..."

Mar 24, 2011

TripIt for iPhone Now Allows on-Phone Trip Editing

Kevin Purdy
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"TripIt, the trip planning platform with near-magical email itinerary processing powers, has updated their iPhone app to allow for adding, editing, deleting, and de-duplicating trips right from your phone."

Mar 05, 2011

Top Business Travel Apps

Staff Writer
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"TripIt is a free organiser application that allows people to manage and review travel itineraries both online and offline."

Feb 20, 2011

50 Must-Have Small Business iPhone and iPad Apps

Business Insider
Shara Karasic
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"TripIt – Travel Organizer keeps your travel itinerary always handy in your pocket."

Feb 18, 2011

TripIt – Travel Advisor (no ads) “Automagically” Builds Your Itinerary

Brian Mongold
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"The app is simple, yet an ideal travel companion with the relevant information it provides."

Feb 17, 2011

The Best Travel Apps

The Telegraph
Francisca Kellett
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"A handy all-in-one app that collates all your holiday and flight confirmation emails into one travel itinerary."

Feb 16, 2011

The Best Free iPod Touch Apps

PC Magazine
David Pierce
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"Since your iPod touch isn’t always online like an iPhone, you need that information saved locally…the TripIt app downloads everything so you can access it all offline."

Feb 16, 2011

Concur Outlines TripIt Mobile Integration Strategy

Dennis Schaal
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"Concur’s existing mobile offering and TripIt’s will be combined into a single product."