Jul 28, 2011

TripIt Has 1 million Mobile Customers and Hopes to Get to 10 million User Level

Dennis Schaal
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"TripIt, the itinerary management service acquired by Concur in January, has reached a milestone: 1 million mobile users."

Jul 27, 2011

Best Travel Websites and Apps

Travel + Leisure
Staff Writer
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"Every travel-booking site worth its salt now offers the itinerary-management features that TripIt pioneered, but few include such extras as integrated frequent-flier and loyalty-point trackers."

Jul 26, 2011

TripIt: iPad Beats Kindle for Business Travelers

Dennis Schaal
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"The competition between the iPad and Kindle among business travelers is fairly tight, but the iPad is expected to pull ahead, according to a survey conducted by TripIt."

Jul 18, 2011

TripIt & Concur: When Trendy Consumer Apps Are Acquired by Enterprise Companies

Richard MacManus
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"Overall, the acquisition by Concur was undeniably a great deal for TripIt. It got cash, stock in a larger, more stable company, and opportunities to flesh out its consumer app into a ‘grown up’ business one."

Jul 12, 2011

Bonnie Cha’s 10 Favorite Android Apps

Bonnie Cha
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"As soon as I book anything, I forward it to TripIt, which organizes all that information in one convenient location."

Jul 11, 2011

Group Communication Tools for Business Travel

PC Magazine
Kristen Cluthe
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"TripIt for Business is designed so that personal assistants, admins, or anyone managing travel for others can create travel itineraries, then share and update the information with the individual or group that is traveling."

Jul 03, 2011

10 Must-Have Travel Apps for your iOS Device

The Next Web
Mike Vardy
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"TripIt has become my 'go to' app for all of my travel itinerary needs."

Jun 28, 2011

Concur and TripIt Want to Make Travel Easier

Matt DeLuca
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"This integrated system, which combines the expense report capabilities of Concur Breeze and the itinerary services of TripIt Pro, will help small businesses solve a long-standing problem..."

Jun 17, 2011

TripIt and Organize your Whole Vacation Free

Shereen Rayle
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"One of the most convenient things TripIt offers is automatic updates to your itinerary when you get confirmations back for your trip."

Jun 15, 2011

Summer Vacation: Top 5 Apps to Have

Android Central
Joshua Munoz
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"TripIt excels at rendering confusing travel itineraries in easy-to-read formats for desktop and mobile access."