Sep 07, 2012

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"TripIt Pro mobile users can elect to receive alerts as push notifications or in-app prompts on Android and iOS devices, as well as existing email and text message options."

Sep 07, 2012

News and Deals: September 7, 2012 – Bermuda braces for approaching Hurricane Leslie, Cathay Pacific bans shark fins as airline cargo, Teenage tourist bitten by grizzly bear and TripIt App for iPad Goes Pro

Matt Long
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"With the latest update, TripIt Pro members with an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Android phone can now receive push notifications for the alerts and reminders that let them know if everything is running smoothly or if there’s a delay or change."

Sep 04, 2012

50 Ultimate Travel Apps … So Far

Rick Martin
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"TripIt was awarded Best Travel Mobile App for 2011 at the Webby Awards. It’s not hard to see why."

Sep 03, 2012

Monday Travel Update – Labor Day in Toronto Edition

Everything Everywhere
Gary Arndt
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"During that time I noticed something about the gate changes I had for my flights: TripIt Pro notified me about the gate change, as far as 30 minutes before the monitor at the airport updated!"

Sep 01, 2012

Best Apps and Websites for Travelers

Travel + Leisure
Tom Samiljan
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"Book your flight, car, and hotel, then forward your confirmation e-mails to TripIt, which will put them into an easy-to-access online itinerary."

Aug 27, 2012

The Best Way to... Take a Trip

Wall Street Journal
Geoffrey A. Fowler
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"A free app and website called TripIt, from Concur Technologies Inc., combines flight bookings, hotel reservations, confirmations and more in a day-by-day itinerary."

Aug 27, 2012

The 26 Travel Apps That Will Change Your Life

Conde Nast Traveler
Wendy Perrin
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"I used to ­arrive at the airport or car-rental counter frantically searching through a manila folder of printouts for my confirmation number and other reservation details. Now the 6 TripIt app puts them all in the palm of my hand."

Aug 25, 2012

Five Applications for Entrepreneurial Success

Business Insider
JD Rucker
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"Perfect for those jetsetters that take their business all over the world, TripIt 'drags traveling kicking and screaming into the 21st century,' by coordinating trips seamlessly."

Aug 25, 2012

How to Plan a Road Trip With Multiple Stops

USA Today
Sarah Dray
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"You can use a basic paper map or an online road trip planner such as TripIt or Google Maps."

Aug 22, 2012

7 Ways Your Family Can Get More Out of the Cloud

Lauren Hockenson
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"Those more tech-savvy should also seek the organizational power of TripIt, an online application that skims inboxes for trip confirmations and rolls them all into one full plan, complete with a working calendar."