Jan 23, 2013

6 best smartphone apps for 2013

The Today Show
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"Digital expert Mario Armstrong shares his picks for the best smartphone apps to keep you fit, organize travel plans, create photo books, and more."

Jan 19, 2013

13 top mobile apps for entrepreneurs on the go

The Next Web
Scott Gerber
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"The fact that TripIt is awesome isn’t news anymore. Entrepreneurs travel. Travel means logistics, schedules, last-minute delays, confirmations, etc. TripIt keeps it all in one place. It’s the app I use the most, and it allows me to focus on where I’m going rather than how I’m getting there."

Jan 04, 2013

8 Ways to Prep for Your Beach Vacation

Jacqueline Gifford
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"A couple years ago, whenever I'd travel with my husband, I'd be pulling out a million different paper printouts, awkwardly fumbling through my bag, while he looked on, mortified. No longer. Thanks to tripit.com, I keep track of all our travel reservations in one place."

Jan 04, 2013

Cruise Tips: How Not to Miss the Boat

Andrea M. Rotondo
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"You can also use free third-party services like TripIt that file all of your flight, hotel, car rental, and cruise details and itineraries right in your phone (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or Windows Phone 7) or iPad."

Jan 02, 2013

To Take the Hassle Out of Traveling, Pack These Apps

The Wall Street Journal
Scott McCartney
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"Once you have email confirmations of your bookings, you can organize them into one useful itinerary with the Tripit app. Just set up an account and forward the confirmations to plans@tripit.com."

Dec 25, 2012

Just got a new iPhone, iPad or iPod touch? Download these apps first

The Next Web
Ken Yeung
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"If you’re a constant traveler, whether for business or pleasure, being able to organize your travel logistics in a central place is helpful. Since the iPhone or iPad is a hefty travel companion, it’s only logical to have an app that can be used for quick reference to make sure you’re never late for your flight again."

Dec 21, 2012

TripIt users' Top 12 hotels for 2012

USA Today
Barbara Delollis
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"TripIt's users are highly educated, frequent travelers who own smartphones, with 27% owning two smartphones...They rely on mobile computing and such apps as TripIt to keep their busy work lives organized."

Dec 19, 2012

10 tech tips for holiday travel

CBS News
Chenda Ngak
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"TripIt offers a central place to track travel reservations online and via its mobile app. Once travel information is loaded, the service will email reservation information and even flight delays and gate changes."

Dec 16, 2012

10 Best Travel Apps of 2012

Smarter Travel
Caroline Morse
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"Organize your travel plans with the TripIt app. Simply email your flight, car, or hotel reservations to TripIt and the app will keep all your plans (and confirmation codes) in one place."

Dec 13, 2012

14 Things Not To Worry About When Traveling

The Huffington Post
Staff Writer
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"Use an app like TripIt to cull together your itinerary in one place. No more folders of info and papers for you!"